Christchurch Beautifying Association - What We Do
July/August 2015
Prune your grape vine now the weather is at its coolest this July.
Start fertilising the lawn and treat for Moss by using Iron Sulphate this August.

President, Ron Andrew

Secretary, Lesley Taylor

CBA Postal Address

  • C/- P. Berry
  • 38 Liverton Crescent
  • Bishopdale
  • Christchurch 8053

Founded in 1897, the Christchurch Beautifying Association has been one of the most successful pressure groups in the history of Christchurch. Over many years the Association has been a strong advocate to make this city as one where beauty is respected and encouraged.

The objectives of the Association are -

Clean and Beautiful
  • To initiate, plan and carry out the improvements, beautification and protection of the City of Christchurch.
  • To promote and maintain interest in all matters affecting the beautification and improvement of the area of its operation.
  • To encourage clean and beautiful surroundings.

The Association continues to have an influence on the development of modern Christchurch by -

  • Organising street and garden competitions
  • Keeping a vigilant eye on city growth
  • Promotion of the Christchurch as the Garden City of New Zealand
  • Providing many gifts to the city - including the floral clock, the original Peacock fountain, Millbrook Reserve, water wheel in the Avon River and the daffodil plantings in North Hagley Park