Christchurch Beautifying Association - What We Do

President, Ron Andrew

Secretary, Lesley Taylor

CBA Postal Address

  • C/- P. Berry
  • 38 Liverton Crescent
  • Bishopdale
  • Christchurch 8053

Programme For 2011

Sun, 6th Feb Summer Garden Competition: Some of the gardens we have viewed are looking very good, the plant growth looks better because of a good growing season. 25 judges will greatly enjoy veiwing and marking them. The results will be available in the Star paper soon after judging.
Ellerslie Flower Show The build up of the CBA garden commences on the 19th Feb when the site will be marked out. Constuction of the water fall under the direction of Tony OHagan will done followed by the erection of the retaining walls.A team of Period Detention staff will move the concrete blocks and move the base material for the plants to be staged in.The trees and shrubs will be placed in the garden on the 1st March followed by the flowering plants 3rd and 4th March. The lawn will be laid on 4th March then two days of watering and checking the plants before the opening on Tues 8th March. We will be selling a large number of plants on Sun 13th at 5pm at very cheap prices so come and enjoy the show and our garden at Hort-Galore garden 13 and receive a horticultural boost. For information on the sale plants ring 3440568.