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Christchurch Streets and Garden Awards

The Christchurch Streets and Garden Awards are administered by a joint committee consisting of representatives of the Christchurch Beautifying Association and elected members representing the six community boards of the Christchurch City Council.

There are two aspects relating to this scheme.

Streets and Garden Awards

The awards scheme began in earnest in 1950 with the purpose of encouraging civic pride. Since that time the awards system has grown with all streets within the latest Christchurch City boundary (the boundary existing prior to the inclusion of the Banks Peninsular area) being included. All gardens, both residential and commercial in the street are taken into consideration.

Judging takes place in January each year and members of the Christchurch Beautifying Association inspect every street in the City of Christchurch selecting the best streets in each Community Board area. These streets are then re-inspected by a panel, which culminates in the selection of the following premier streets of Christchurch -

  • The best long street (60 properties or more)
  • The best short street (up to 59 properties)
  • The best Cul do Sac

The judging criteria are based on community effort (50%), general appearance (30%) and contributing gardens (20%).

Prizes are also awarded to -

  • The most attractive garden selected from the premier streets
  • The best street frontage plantings
  • The best all year round garden
  • "Living Fences"
  • Environmental Awards These awards include churches, service stations, schools, factories, and commercial properties etc. that have made a concerted effort over a number of years to uplift their surroundings.
  • City "Gateway" Awards (residential and non-residential)
    • Memorial Avenue
    • Main South Road
    • Main North Road
    • Yaldhurst Road
    • Ferry Road

Winning streets receive a plaque (to hang prominently in the street) and each household in the street receives a certificate presented at an evening function hosted by the Christchurch Beautifying Association, usually the 1st Tuesday of April.

Community Pride Awards

The Community Pride Awards in its present form commenced in 1997 with the objective to encourage civic pride and acknowledge residential gardeners' efforts in contributing to the overall image of Christchurch as the Garden City. Since 1997 the number of gardens awarded certificates have grown and it is now a very popular annual event.

Judging takes place at the same time of the Streets and Garden Awards judging, which involves many hours of volunteer effort by members of the Christchurch Beautifying Association. The judging criteria are based on evidence of efforts made to the garden, overall tidiness and impact of the garden on the streets. Properties are judged from the street.

Garden owners that meet the criteria are invited to be presented with a certificate at a function of the relevant Community Board acknowledging their effort and contribution made in maintaining the Garden City image.

Enquiries regarding the Street & Garden/Community Pride Awards are to be directed to Ron Andrew (Co ordinator) Ph 332 8128 or, Peter Lawrence (Chair, Street & Garden/ Community Pride Awards Committee & Principle Judge,) Ph 354 0370.

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