Christchurch Beautifying Association - What We Do

President, Ron Andrew

Secretary, Lesley Taylor

CBA Postal Address

  • C/- P. Berry
  • 38 Liverton Crescent
  • Bishopdale
  • Christchurch 8053

Founded in 1897, the Christchurch Beautifying Association has been one of the most successful pressure groups in the history of Christchurch. Over many years the Association has been a strong advocate to make this city as one where beauty is respected and encouraged.

The objectives of the Association are -

Clean and Beautiful
  • To initiate, plan and carry out the improvements, beautification and protection of the City of Christchurch.
  • To promote and maintain interest in all matters affecting the beautification and improvement of the area of its operation.
  • To encourage clean and beautiful surroundings.

The Association continues to have an influence on the development of modern Christchurch by -

  • Organising street and garden competitions
  • Keeping a vigilant eye on city growth
  • Promotion of the Christchurch as the Garden City of New Zealand
  • Providing many gifts to the city - including the floral clock, the original Peacock fountain, Millbrook Reserve, water wheel in the Avon River and the daffodil plantings in North Hagley Park